Food Truck Point of Sale

NCR Silver is Ready for the Ride, Wherever You Roll

Bust lines – and take names – by taking the point-of-sale transaction outside of your food truck
  • Process orders quicker

    Enjoy seamless communications with the kitchen crew, thanks to wireless printing.

  • Don't worry about downtime

    Enjoy reliable point-of-sale technology and quickly talk, text or chat with a live person, 24/7.

  • Make changes easier

    Update pricing on the fly, on the road, as market conditions change to maximize profits.

You’re Going Places with a Mobile POS

Thanks to automatic geographic settings, you can speed up transactions on your tablet. See other ways NCR Silver is built for the road:
  • With an iPad POS system, the confines of the truck won’t slow you down.

  • Capture sales and product mixes by location and name for super-accurate data.

  • Let customers know where you are, right from your back office.

  • Get help any hour of the day and monthly menu maintenance with our Concierge service.

Meet the NCR Silver Family

Your food truck has a bounty of hardware and software options
  • Hardware

    After you’ve selected your ePOS app you have plenty of hardware options at your disposal. Also available: Wireless printers and more.

  • NCR Silver apps

    Choose which app is best for your food truck: NCR Silver for a diverse array of merchants or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition for restaurateurs.

  • Add-on services

    Supercharge your point-of-sale experience with Silver Console and choose integrated third-party add-on services that provide advanced functionality.

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Because I was opening a food truck, mobility was extremely important. I also didn’t want to invest a lot in technology because most of my money went into the actual truck. I found NCR Silver and I fell in love with it.

Ricardo Garcia, Puerta al Paraiso
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