Gift Shop Point of Sale

Give Yourself the Power of NCR Silver

Run your gift shop more effectively with inventory tracking and other advanced point-of-sale features
  • Stay ready

    Whiz through transactions on your tablet, even if your Internet is down.

  • Analyze expenses

    Get quick command and control of your labor with NCR Silver's convenient hourly-rate tracking.

  • Learn fast

    Train employees quicker, thanks to one of the most user-friendly POS systems you’ve ever seen.

Integrated Marketing: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Thanks to built-in email marketing, customers know about specialty gifts, discounts and promotional events. What other great things are in store?
  • Track your inventory with precision wherever you get an Internet connection.

  • Get expert point-of-sale help around the clock via chat, text, email or phone.

  • Eliminate waste: Email customer receipts with the NCR Silver point-of-sale system.

  • Focus on your customers while Silver Concierge sets up your back office and menu every month.

Meet the NCR Silver Family

Your gift shop has a bounty of hardware and software options
  • Hardware

    After you’ve selected your ePOS app you have plenty of hardware options at your disposal. Also available: Wireless printers and more.

  • NCR Silver apps

    While NCR Silver works for a wide variety of merchants, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition offers advanced functionality for restaurateurs.

  • Add-ons

    Supercharge your point-of-sale experience even more with Silver Console, or opt for accounting, payroll and other integrated add-on services.

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