Kitchen Display for NCR Silver

Optimize Your Kitchen

With Kitchen Display for NCR Silver on iOS, you can now send orders to your kitchen staff on an easy to read digital display.
  • Minimize Mistakes

    With interactivity and a screen, everyone can see orders with context and your staff will be more accurate.

  • Go Paperless

    Reduce the ongoing hassles and expense of refilling your printer while, at the same time, being more environmentally friendly.

  • Improve Speed

    With screens at each station, the back of the house will become more efficient.

Kitchen Display for NCR Silver has greatly improved clarity of communications and is reducing costly errors in the back of the house. I don’t see how any busy kitchen wouldn’t want this.

Abel Cisneros, Dallas Beer Kitchen
Your Kitchen Display for NCR Silver Subscription $26/ Month* Kitchen Display for NCR Silver app, iPad Pro, and heavy-duty mount available for $96/month/site with Total bundle. *A subscription to NCR Silver Pro Restaurant is required.

Here to Serve

  • Powered by a separate iOS app that sends orders to your kitchen staff.
  • No third-party software vendors.
  • An optional articulating iPad mount is available.
  • Available in hardware bundles and Total for NCR Silver bundle add-ons.
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Streamline Your Process

Kitchen Display for NCR Silver is an interactive solution the back of the house will love.
  • Minimize late orders with on-screen alerts.
  • View screens on multiple kitchen stations to check order status.
  • See timing thresholds for new, aged and old orders.
  • Toggle between “Active” orders and “Bumped” orders.
  • See ”Takeout,” “Delivery” and “Catering” orders as well as customer info.
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