Vape Shop Point of Sale

Vape Shops Know What’s Hot With NCR Silver

From atomizers to e-juice, this cloud-based point-of-sale system easily keeps tabs on your inventory
  • Run multiple sites

    Get a comprehensive view of multiple stores from one back office.

  • Increase retention

    Gain repeat customers with integrated email marketing and loyalty.

  • Bust lines

    Come out from behind the desk and offer mobile payments with your iPad or iPhone.

Easily Run Multiple Stores with NCR Silver

Get a comprehensive view of all of your locations – in one back office. See other ways NCR Silver smokes the competition:
  • Remind your employees to ask for ID, input seasonal inventory and upsell items such as mods.

  • Enjoy reliable point-of-sale technology and quickly talk, text or chat with a live person, 24/7.

  • You’ll always have a live agent on call via text, online chat, email or phone 24/7/365.

  • See who sells what to improve decision-making and reduce inventory shrinkage.

Meet the NCR Silver Family

Your vape shop has a bounty of hardware and software options
  • Hardware

    After you’ve selected your ePOS app you have plenty of hardware options at your disposal. Also available: Wireless printers and more.

  • NCR Silver apps

    Learn more about how the NCR Silver app on your tablet POS can help your vape shop grow.

  • Add-on services

    Plan like a pro with Silver Console and outcompete with other add-on services in the NCR Silver family.

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The NCR Silver system is super easy to use. Our employees are not computer experts, and they were able to get up and running in no time.

Robert Testagrossa, Cloud99 Vapes, Nanuet, NY
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